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Note: All La-Pera tours are private. You will NOT be traveling in a big bus with a couple of dozen other people.

Where our Guatemalan tours will take you:

Our tours to Guatemala start with you landing in:
From the airport you go straight to:
where you will enjoy Colonial Guatemala.
From there you return to Guatemala City, fly to
Flores and tour the Ancient Mayan ruins of:
You then fly back to Guatemala City
and take a van to Antigua:
From Antigua you travel further into the mountains
to explore the world of the Modern Maya in:
As Chichicastenango is usually visited for two or three hours while traveling between Antigua and Lake Atitlan, and as market day in Chichicastenango is on Thursday and Sunday; one leg of your trip between those two places is on one of those two days.
Your tour ends with a final night in Antigua or Guatemala City.
Guatemala Tours

Some tours include destinations other than those mentioned above, plus Chichicastenango and Lake Atitlan might be scheduled before Tikal; however the travel plan above is a well rounded, basic tour of Guatemala.

Guatemala Tours

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Guatemalan Tours

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