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Girl from Joyabaj

Guatemala offers travelers a rich combination of cultural, geographical and historical themes. It boasts spectacular scenery, ideal weather and a native people as colorful as any on Earth.

Painting of Lake Atitlan by Serito
  • Seeing the sun set behind the pyramids of Tikal is no less spectacular now that it was 1500 years ago.
  • The colonial capital of Antigua has carefully maintained the rich patina of grace and style it enjoyed under Spanish rule.
  • Mayan villages that date back to long before Columbus still thrive on the shore of beautiful Lake Atitlan.

This is a country that has yet to be "discovered" and "developed" by the international travel industry. Such unsullied destinations are few and far between – rarer still are those that also offer all the exotic color and stately beauty of Guatemala.


map of Guatemala

In general, tours to Guatemala focus
on three areas of interest:

1) The Ancient Maya
Tikal & Peten

Antigua Travel Agency
Detail from the Dresden Codex.

2) Colonial Guatemala

Antigua Travel Agency
Going to mass.

3) The Modern Maya
Lake Atitlan & Chichicastenango

Atitlan and Chichicastenango Travel Agent
Mayan woman from Santa Maria de la Concepción.

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